Office Removals

Our commercial removals service can help you with everything from small-scale, one-man band office moves all the way through to larger office removals or commercial shop premises. 

We’re highly experienced in commercial removals and understand the importance of safely protecting expensive equipment, computers and furniture in transport. Our stress-free service will make the whole process easy and leave you free to continue running your business whilst the removals are completed on your behalf – including packing and unpacking.When it comes to moving, businesses of all sizes can benefit from efficient and unobtrusive office removal service.

All of our corporate removals in Midlands are ultra flexible – which means we can minimise disruption to the 9-5 and help you move at night, over a weekend or on a public holiday. Our professional team have been able to move entire office blocks without customers noticing a thing.

Whether your business is moving into a larger office or downgrading in space size, our bespoke service takes every opportunity to minimise interruptions throughout the entire move. Our weekend and bank holiday removal services can relocate a business, and make sure it is up and running for the next working day.

Built for Business

Our dedicated fleet ensures that every move, no matter how big is executed without a hitch. From small speedy vans to a seven tonne truck for those bigger moves, customer care is our number one priority and we do what we need to to ensure our name is synonymous with the best Derby and Nottingham office removals.

We understand the importance of organisation. We work with businesses to ensure that their property is accessible as it is needed, allowing teams to start assembling desks and other office furniture before a move is completed.

Whether a shop, office, warehouse or garage all of our team members and drivers follow the same code of conduct, and share the same ethos – to deliver an exceptional, unrivalled office removal service.

We can move an office anywhere in the UK. This allows businesses to benefit from our friendly service no matter where they trade from.  MJ Movers have the organisation skills and experience to provider a stellar service to all clients, helping remove the stress that moving day can bring.

As a local removal business, we do our very best to try and ensure businesses we help thrive, grow and succeed in all of their endeavours. Our team has the equipment to be able to split or conglomerate a move so whether a company is shrinking or growing, MJ Movers can help assist. Get in touch to find out more.